Reflection Papers

2250359151_3f48c3aee5_nAn important difference between shallow (or surface-level learning), like memorizing, and deep learning is metacognition.  Metacognition involves thinking about what you are learning, drawing connections about what you’re learning and what you already know.  To that end, I would like you to write a brief reflection about each topic we study or each essay you write this semester.  Each reflection will be worth 10 points towards your final grade.

Your reflection could consider questions like:

  • What did you like about this topic/assignment and why?
  • What do you think you did or learned particularly well?
  • What did you find difficult about this topic/assignment?  What made it difficult? What could have made it easier?
  • What did you learn from this topic or assignment that relates to real life?  How does it relate?
  • What does this material mean to you?  How can this be relevant to you, your interests, your major, your career plans?

Reflection pieces can’t be right or wrong; they can only be thoughtful (Did you really engage in the issues?) or less thoughtful.  If your reflection is thoughtful, if it shows that you engaged seriously with the issues, you will get 10 out of 10 points.

Reflections are due within one week following the end of a topic or the deadline for the essay.

If you are a blogger, you may post your reflections on your blog and simply email me the url.  (If you would like to be a blogger, let me know and I can set you up.)

If you are not a blogger, please email me your reflection in the form of a MS-Word (or equivalent) document.  A good reflection should be closer in length to a double-spaced page than to a paragraph.


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