Essay 5

This is a thinking more than a writing assignment.  It does not require research—you already have the knowledge to do this in your head.

Please write a brief essay of no more than 100 words to address the following question:

  • What is government?
  • Why do we have governments?
  • What benefits does government provide for society or what functions does it fulfill?
  • What are the costs of government?
  •  Should there be any limits to government?  If so, what are they?

Your essay need not address all of these questions—indeed, it would be difficult to do that in only 100 words.  The first question is most important.  The remaining ones are to help you with the first question.

I suggest you spend some time thinking about this, writing notes as you go along.  Then write a first draft which will likely be (much) longer than 100 words.  Finally, condense the draft, focusing on the most important ideas, to get down to the word limit.

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