Essay 1

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about how this course fits into your program of study by responding to the following three questions.  This is a genuine assignment so please take it seriously!   You should put a fair amount of time thinking about the questions.  Don’t stop thinking when you reach an obvious answer.  Make sure you understand your true response.  The answers, though, may not require a lot of writing.  One additional thing:  Your essay should read as a coherent essay, not just the answers to a series of three questions.

1. Why are you taking this course?  If you’re not completely sure what macroeconomics covers, you should browse through the Principles of Macro text before you answer this question.  Do you have a burning desire to be an Econ major?  If so, how does this course fit into the Econ major?  Is the course required for some other discipline you want to major in?  If so, why do you think it’s required and how does it fit into that major?  Are you taking it for General Education credit?  If so, what Gen Ed goal does it satisfy and why does it fit there?  Are you taking this course simply to fill elective credit?  If so, why did you choose this course?  Did the course simply fit into your schedule?

2. What are your goals for this course?  For example, do you hope to learn the most you can about macroeconomics?  Do you want to get the highest grade you can?  Are you shooting for a specific grade (e.g. an A, or a C) or is your goal simply to earn the credits or satisfy some requirement?  If the latter, why are your goals so low?

3. What are two or three analytical questions about macro that you would like to be able to answer by the end of the semester?  An analytical question asks why or how something occurred.  A factual question is not analytical.  Factual questions ask what, who or where.  Factual questions are easier to come up with, but this course is designed to teach you how to analyze economic events so you should identify analytical questions here.   If you can’t think of any burning analytical questions, take a look at the Wall Street Journal and you will find examples daily.  Why did you choose each question and what makes each one  interesting to you?  I would also like you to rate your personal interest in each question you pose.  Please put your rating (on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means you really want to know the answer and 1 means you don’t care that much) after each question in parentheses.

e.g. Question 1 (Rating#)

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