Class Contribution – WI

Your final grade in this course will be based on 1000 possible points.  Half of those points will come from your exam scores.  The other half will be from your “class contribution,” that is, what you contribute to the class.  You will have a lot freedom to decide how you want to contribute to class.  Class Contribution includes the following categories:

  • The Essays you write — You must do all the essays (this is, after all, a writing intensive course).  The essays will be worth a total of 200 points.
  • Reflection Papers – You must do at least 100 points worth; you may do up to 150 points.
  • Class participation – You must do at least 150 points; you may do up to 200 points.
    • Twitter contributions – Up to 120 points worth (3 points each)
    • Minute Papers — Email me to let me know what you don’t understand from any chapter you read in the text.  Up to 120 points worth (5 points each).
    • Other (e.g. intro video, etc) – Up to 120 points worth

The essays are mandatory, but you get to choose some combination of reflection papers, twitter contributions, minute papers and other contributions to submit.

For more information about the essays and how grades will be determined, see the Guidelines for the Essay.

Essays & Online Discussions:

A tentative list of essays and “irregular” online discussions includes:



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