Final Grade

Because I’m assuming that you are in this course to learn macroeconomics, you should treat all the grades on your work before the final exam as formative in nature.  That is, the purpose of those grades is to inform you how well you are learning the material.  The grades are not “passing sentence” on you!  I know this is probably different from your experience in school before now, but please give it a try.  If you fail the first exam, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure or even that you’ve ruined your chances for a good grade in the course (see below).  What it means is that you’re not getting it yet, you’re not learning macroeconomics, and that you and I should talk about how to get you back on track.  I will not judge you as a loser student, so please do not hesitate to ask for help.  That is my primary job as teacher!

Your final grade* in this course will be computed as follows:

  • Homework & Class Participation – 40%
  • Two (2) mid-term examinations – 15% each
  • Final Exam (cumulative) -30%

Note the asterisk above.  Most students learn economics cumulatively, not linearly.  For most students, it comes together at the end.  Therefore, if your final exam grade is greater than the average earned on the two midterms, your final exam grade will replace the midterms, counting 1/2 towards your final grade.

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