Course Texts

Teachers always say you should read the texts, but it more critical in an online course like this one where there are no class sessions.  If you don’t read the texts, how will you get the course content?

This course will use the following principal texts:

  • The principal “text” we will use is the Waymaker Platform, which you can find in the modules of our course Canvas site.  I describe this as a “text” in quotes, because it includes video and animation/simulation elements as well as written content.The Waymaker courseware is organized by modules, which are designed for mastery learning.  Each module is designed for you to follow a similar process. Start by taking the “Show What You Know” pretest, and you’ll get instant feedback on what you already know in the module, and therefore, what you don’t need to spend as much time on.Next start working through the content by completing the readings, watching any videos and playing with any animations or simulations. After each chunk of content, there is a Self-Check to help you understand if you’ve learned the material.  If you pass, you go on to the next chunk.  If you don’t pass, you should go over the content again and then retake the self-check.  You can take the self-checks as many times as you want. The self-checks are formative in nature meaning they are there to help you assess your learning, but they do not count towards your grade.If you have trouble passing the self-checks after carefully going over the content, you should come talk to me for help. See the Contact Information tab on the header bar of our website to find the different ways you can do that.Waymaker gives access to the content for free, but there is a $25 charge for the quizzing software.  This charge will be added to your student account at UMW unless you tell me that you want to opt-out.  The quizzing is an integral part of the learning process, so I recommend you don’t opt-out.  $25 for the content & quizzing is much less than the price of a standard textbook. 

    At the end of each module is a summative quiz that you may take a maximum of two times.  If you pass, you have mastered the module and you should go on to the next one.  These summative quiz scores will count towards your grade.  If you don’t pass, you should review the content again, and if you still don’t feel comfortable, see me for help before retaking the module quiz a second time.

    The purpose of the modules is to help you master the content.  The purpose is not to grade you, though you will earn points towards your grade when you take the module quizzes.  You can work through the content at your own pace, but you should try to complete the modules by each exam. In other words, if the first exam covers modules 1-4, you should complete the 4 modules before the exam because that’s the material that will be on the exam.  The relevant module quizzes will close before each exam so don’t ask to complete a quiz after the exam was taken.  Since the purpose of the quizzes is to help your learning, taking quizzes after the exam makes no sense.

  • In addition to the Waymaker modules, I will sometimes assign other readings which you’ll be able to find under the “Readings” tab on the header bar.
  • The Wall Street Journal.  Macroeconomics is real lifeMacroeconomic events happen every day.  To stay in touch with this (as well as to link our course to the real world), you need to regularly read a current national newspaper, like the Journal.  For $15, you can get the daily subscription which you can access online (or in print).  Click on the link above and then click on the “Ordering Information” tab.  Please fill out both the School and Delivery Information.  The school’s zipcode is 22401.  My name is Greenlaw. 😉

I strongly recommend that you purchase these texts, since we will be using them on a regular basis.  In addition, we will use a variety of other materials, which are noted under each topic.  I suggest you look for an older copy of:

  • Robert Heilbroner, The Making of Economic Society.  You can find very inexpensive copies at

If you are not satisfied with the previous texts, you might want to check out the following on-line one:


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