Assignment 5: Self-Assessment & Reflection for 1st Exam

This exercise is for you, not me.  I will give you credit to the extent that you take it seriously.

Copy/paste the following into your word processing program of choice.  Answer the questions, and email your paper back to me by Sunday night.  There will be a follow-up assignment on Monday.  You should think deeply about the questions, but you don’t need to write a lot.

This exercise will help you to analyze your exam performance and find strategies that work best for you in learning the material for this course. Self-assessing your progress and adjusting your study strategies accordingly is what effective learners tend to do.

Please answer the questions below sincerely. Your responses will have no impact on your grade, but they will inform me (Prof. Greenlaw) about how I can best support your learning.

  1. Approximately how much time did you spend preparing for this exam over the last week? _______

2. Approximately how much time do you spend studying for this course on an average week? _______


  1. What percentage of your test-preparation time was spent in each of these activities?

a. Skimming modules ______

b. Going through modules carefully, while thinking about your learning _______

c. Reviewing your notes _______

d. Identifying key concepts _______

e. Practicing working with the models _______

f. Doing Self-checks or Module quizzes _______

g. Other _______ (Please specify: ______________________ )


  1. As you look over your graded exam, analyze where/how you lost points. Fill in the blanks below with the number of points you lost due to each of the following

a. Trouble applying definitions _______

b. Trouble remembering models _______

c. Lack of understanding of a concept _______

d. Not knowing how to begin a problem _______

e. Careless mistakes _______

f. Other _______ (Please specify: ______________________ )


  1. Based on your responses to the questions above, name 3 things you plan to do differently in preparing for the next exam. For instance, will you just spend more time, change a specific study habit (if so, name it), try to sharpen some other skill (if so, name it), use other resources more, or something else?



  1. What can we do to help support your learning and your preparation for the next exam?