First Exam “Do Over”

I don’t grade the exams in this course on a curve.  You get what you get.

However, I do give you the option of earning some points back.   I would like you to review your exam and figure out why for each question you got wrong, why the right answer  is right.  Then I invite you to make an appointment to either come to my office or get together via Skype or Google Hangout to explain to me the right answers for the questions you got wrong .  If you do so, I will give you half a point back on your test score for every incorrect answer that you explain correctly.

The deadline for this is Friday, October 20.  That gives you nearly 3 weeks to see me.  Do not wait until the last minute.  I will not have enough office hours to see everyone on the last day, so if you are smart, you should do this this early!  Note also that the last week includes fall break and the week before I will be relatively inaccessible, so early is best!

Enough said.

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