Is Your Goal for this Class Just to Pass?

So you just want to pass the course?  Maybe you don’t have time for actual learning. In that case, just work through the modules without paying attention to what you’re learning. If you take the quizzes, you’ll probably learn enough to earn a passing grade.

Learning takes work. Work takes time. You need to plan on spending significant time on this course. It shouldn’t be the last thing on your schedule or you’ll never have enough time to get it done.

You (or your parents) are spending a great deal of money for college. The cost of four years at a public university is about $100,000. How may hours of work would that take you to earn? If you make $15 per hour, it takes more than three years of full time employment to pay for college, assuming you don’t spend money on anything else.

Maybe you work full time.  Maybe you have a relationship that needs attention, or a family to raise.  I get that.  Only you can decide your priorities.  But given the money you are putting in, shouldn’t you be aiming higher for this investment?


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  1. Kali Chapman says:

    Yes I want to pass, I also want to be able to understand economics better and expand my knowledge on the subject so I can better my future.

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