Study Groups

For the rest of the semester, you will complete a number of group assignments with the study groups shown below.  The first challenge is to connect up with your group.  How will you do that?  The first group assignment is due this Saturday.

Study Groups

  1. Abbie Brock, Charlotte Burch, Alexis Hall

2. Megan Champion, Kendall Parker, Morgan Wellman

3. Kayte Croy, Kelsey Dickerson, Maggie Hyde

4. Krystal Heflin, Joshua Whiting

5. Samantha Kasner, Chris Robinson, Michael Crisp

6. Nicole Lamb, Haley Harkins, Jackie Hernandez

7. Rachel Lynch, Ellison Maston,

8. Riley West, Stephen Johnston, Amber Pierce

9. Maddy Wroe, Mikie Williams, Amanda Thacker

10. Addie Brooks, Joseph Sebesky, John Parker

11. Jacob McDonald,  William Senicola,  Jessica Sandifer

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