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The purpose of twitter is to demonstrate that you are regularly engaged in what the class is studying.  Some of you seemed to wait until the last minute in the contract period and then tried to pump out half a dozen or more tweets to get your points in.  That is defeating the purpose of twitter.  When you tweet multiple times in a day (say more than 2), I will reduce the number of points you get per tweet.  The more tweets in a day, the less the last ones will be worth.

Some more thoughts about twitter points:

  • If you post something substantive that will help other people in the course, you’ll get 3 points per tweet.  This is most likely to be content, but it could be procedural, like if the course website is down!
  • We are transitioning in the course from introductory economics to macroeconomics.  You will earn 3 points if you tweet about something macro in nature, for example, whatever we are currently studying.  If you tweet about Apple’s profit report (a micro topic), you won’t get the full 3 points.
  • If you simply agree with what another classmate says, you’ll likely only get 1 point.
  • Many of you have tweeted links to interesting articles or sites, but without any explanation of what they are.   From now on, you’ll get more points if you provide some explanation (even a title), and less points if you don’t.
  • It would be nice to see you responding to other classmates’ tweets, so that we had an actual conversation or discussion.  You’ll get mucho points if you try this.

Finally, one major mea culpa:  For some reason, the widget on our course website which is supposed to capture all your tweets with the #econ201online hashtag isn’t catching them all.   For a few students, it’s not catching any.   I am in the process of going back to each of your twitter accounts and making sure I found all your tweets.   When I find things that I missed, I will update your twitter score on Canvas.

Postscript:  The mystery appears to be solved.  If you set up your tweets to be private then they won’t be captured on the course website, and I won’t easily be able to find them.  If at all possible, please make your tweets public.  If you can’t, let me know so I can give you credit for them.

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