First Electronic Discussion!

It’s time to expand our bag of learning tricks and try out electronic discussion.  This discussion revolves around a short newspaper article from the Washington Post, written by Michael Specter. The article is under the Readings tab above on the course website.  The purpose of the discussion is to determine whether the Deli-Dollars described in the article are or are not a form of money.  Whatever conclusion you come to should be based on evidence which you present as part of your argument.   (You may want to check out the reading list for Topic 4, which this exercise is the beginning of.)  But before you jump to a conclusion, it’s necessary to sketch out the story, define what we mean by money and only then take a stab at the “answer”.

The electronic discussion is at  I have registered everyone with a user id of your first name and a password of your last name.  (Lyle is Lyle and Nick is Nick.)  You may want to change your password to something stronger after you login.   I expect this electronic discussion to last about a week, but if you wait until the end to jump in, someone else may have already posted the easy stuff (like what’s the story about?).  Your grade on the electronic discussion will be based on both the quantity and the quality of your posts.  If you haven’t done this kind of thing before, you should plan on checking the discussion about once a day to see if you can add anything.  The directions are on  I will be following along.

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