How are we going to use Google Hangouts?

I mentioned that we will have a weekly Google Hangout on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  The purpose of our weekly hangouts is to give us the opportunity to talk in real time about any questions you have about the course, questions about assignments, grades, concepts we’re learning, anything.  In future weeks, I plan on asking you to submit discussion topics by Wednesday morning so I can plan for the hangout, but for tomorrow we will “wing” it.  Here is what you need to do to participate:

  1. Get an account on google (Most of you have done this already).
  2. Go to
  3. Login to Google Plus using your google account login and password.  (You have to be logged in to google plus to participate in a google hangout.)
  4. Look for a Hangout invitation URL on twitter.  Click on the URL.  The first ten people to click on it get to do video (assuming they have a webcam).  The rest participate using chat only.

I will also try to record this hangout “on air” so that anyone who can’t participate tomorrow can replay it.

If you want a little background information about google hangouts, check out this link:

As you read/watch this guide, remember that learning google hangouts is a lot like learning to ride a bike.  It’s much harder to explain than to actually do it.   You’ll see!

Final point:  This will be my first “group” usage of google hangouts so if we run into any difficulties, don’t worry; we’ll figure it out.

As always, I’ll be in twitter during the hangout in case you have any questions.  Just remember to use the #econ201online hashtag in your message.

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